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The Superior Cockpit Video Recorder

Captures industry-leading Ultra HD 4K video and audio to prevent accidents, improve pilot skill, and reduce operational costs.


Designed in collaboration with company owners and lifetime pilots, the SkyVU recording system will streamline your operations.

Simple Installation

The SkyVU recorder only requires aircraft power and ground.

4K Ultra HD Imagery

SkyVU delivers crystal clear High Definition cockpit imagery and high fidelity ambient audio.

Innovative Analysis

Coupled with Percept System's advanced computer vision system, SkyVU offers unparalleled industry-leading analysis tools.

Streamline your operation


Improve operational safety.


Save costs by reducing flight and troubleshooting time.


Streamline pilot-to-engineer reporting and localize the source of problems.

Available Soon

Read about SkyVU in Vertical Magazine and Skies Magazine!

The SkyVU system is currently undergoing testing and certification, and will be available soon! Pleas subscribe below for updates.

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